Socially Liberal Fiscally Conservative PEC seeks to advance the cause of ordered liberty upon which our nation was originally founded and under which it has long prospered.

This cause can be summarized through Solifico's Seven Principles for Good Government Policy:

1. Our Constitution must be read & respected, for ours is a government of laws, not of individual men & women.
2. There's no such thing as government money; there's only taxpayers' money - spend what needs to be spent & cut what needs to be cut.
3. Our military aims to provide an invincible defense, always at the ready but rarely at war.
4. Our borders should remain open to law-abiding immigrants from all nations & free trade with all nations.
5. The government should stay out of your pocketbook & out of your bedroom, while protecting all from bodily, discriminatory & environmental harms.
6. Our economy can best grow by private enterprise that is fairly taxed in order to create wealth this is fairly shared.
7. Our individual rights & personal choices can be exercised freely, so long as balanced with our civil rights to have our communities protected from senseless violence & disproportionate impacts.
Solifico's philosophy reflects the classical liberalism that conserves core values: preserving our sacred institutions; protecting our greatest interests; and defending all individuals.